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Apr 24, 2008
I was browsing around on the TV last night when, on SkyArts1, I stumpled upon a 'new' programme called "The Music of Buddy Holly and the Crickets". I've no idea when this was filmed but it was a really great programme.

There was some interviews with JI and Joe B, Sonny Curtis and many, many others. They all related their experiences of how and when the music and the recording career came into being, the cathartic meeting with Elvis and performances at school. How Niki Sullivan was brought into the group and why he subsequently pulled out. So much stuff I've never heard or read before. It was brilliant! I actually missed the first fifteen minutes and (would you believe it) fell asleep for around ten mins in the middle! But then I have only just got out of hospital having had a knee replacement!

I am going to watch out for this programme again and hopefully will be able to record it. Then I'll be able to give a more concise report!

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